About Us
USEDTYRESALES.COM is owned and operated by Macintyres UK ltd

Macintyres UK LTD are based in England, we specialize in used tyre whole sale for the UK and global market.

We deal in passenger tyre sizes from 13Ē up to 20Ē, including LT and SUV.

We have been in the used tyre business buying and selling for over 30 years, all of our tyres are brought from the UK market and 99% of our tyres are summer treads, we donít have the problem of winter tyres on the UK market like the rest of Europe.

We have clients from over 15 different countries that we supply on a regular basis and many clients we have dealt with for over 20 years.

We donít force our clients to buy sizes they donít want, we work the orders based on your needs and demands.